ANNOUNCE: memcached Cacti template for graphing stats output

Daniel Beckham dbeckham-memcached at
Fri Jul 7 01:53:56 UTC 2006

Great, I'm glad you found it useful.  Timeless brought it up also, but 
it never really occurred to me that the Python requirement might pose a 
problem for anyone.  I'm glad it went smoothly, though.

Something I wanted to add for a future release was inbound and outbound 
traffic as a percentage of the default interfaces traffic as well as the 
reported cpu usage statistics as a percentage of the actual system cpu 
usage.  In other words, a way to gauge the impact memcached is having on 
the network and processor resources.

-Daniel Beckham - How to go broke saving money.

Thomas (Lists) wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> thanks for that template. It finally convinced me to work with cacti
> again ;-).
> If only gentoo would provide the python-memcached-client but with your
> nearly
> copy&paste instructions it was installed in seconds (even though I never
> worked with python before).
> No problems found so far and its a great view of the memcached-stats :).
> Thomas

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