memcache bugs on 64-bit platforms?

Steven Grimm sgrimm at
Tue Jul 25 22:17:58 UTC 2006

Is this a consistently reproducible thing, or an intermittent failure? 
As far as I know we don't see this behavior on our systems, but if you 
have a test case you can send to the list, I'd love to make sure we 
haven't missed a failure mode in our testing.


Serhat Sakarya wrote:
> I'm trying to narrow down an issue with 1.1.13-pre2 that only occurs 
> when the store is done through a webserver that runs on the same node 
> (lighttpd 1.1.14/fastcgi/PHP 5.1.4/APC-3.0.10/php memcache client 
> 2.0.4); there is no issue when the memcached runs on another server or 
> I downgrade to 1.1.12.
> Specifically, when I'm storing a large serialized array (300k+), the 
> subsequent get command results in the error "Failed to read, and not 
> due to blocking" on the memcached side. When I do a manual get through 
> telnet, I see that the data is successfully retrieved, but the final 
> "END" is missing... and it only happens for this value.
> This seems symptomatic for an obscure bug... do you have any ideas 
> about the cause of this problem?
> Regards,
> Serhat

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