first time user with out of memory question

Ivan Krstic krstic at
Sun Jun 11 21:00:03 UTC 2006

timeless wrote:
> Janning is using the PHP Memcached session store. This is a fairly
> common way to use Memcached. It does have the side effect that if a
> session can't be created, the user can't log in.

If a session can't be created in memcached, it needs to be created in a
more permanent store like a database or a disk. Almost any usage that
puts the cache in the critical path is incorrect; memcached is a cache,
not a data store replacement.

> Apparently the Facebook patches include a fix to this very type of
> problem

This is what I was referring to. I noticed this and several other
problems when I first moved the Facebook infrastructure to memcached. I
started writing patches, but didn't have time to get them to a usable
state, so I'm glad to see Steven et al ended up doing this.

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