first time user with out of memory question

timeless time at
Sun Jun 11 21:54:32 UTC 2006

Ivan Krstic wrote:

>timeless wrote:
>>Janning is using the PHP Memcached session store. This is a fairly
>>common way to use Memcached. It does have the side effect that if a
>>session can't be created, the user can't log in.
>If a session can't be created in memcached, it needs to be created in a
>more permanent store like a database or a disk. Almost any usage that
>puts the cache in the critical path is incorrect; memcached is a cache,
>not a data store replacement.
I think you mean to say "treating cache (RAM) as nonvolatile is 
incorrect." The assumption that RAM isn't a storage medium is curious, 
and probably isn't shared by a majority of the computer science profession.

Session state data in PHP is often defined as volatile (it certainly is 
at Digg). Storing it in memcached or other volatile storage is fine, as 
long as the storage device doesn't fail a store command incorrectly.


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