first time user with out of memory question

dormando at dormando at
Tue Jun 13 05:49:45 UTC 2006

> Thanks for the hint. I followed your suggestion to check it out, and I 
> think you were close, but I think it's actualy CPU millis. Here are two 
> samples ~60 seconds apart:

Alright, I just noticed something odd about your rusage numbers, sorry :)

The protocol doc confirms that the stat is 'seconds.useconds'

When I run stats on one of my memcached instances:

STAT rusage_user 380053.070000
STAT rusage_system 479403.070000

Which is ~6334 and ~7990 minutes, together 14324m

Which matches ps:

 5051  9.1 44.1 1613452 1603440 ?   Rs   Feb24 14324:30 memcached -d -m 1500 -p 11211 -u admin -c 10000

Double checked memcached.c and that all looks right as well.

Are you parsing the memcached stats with something that's goofing a bit? telnet to it and compare the numbers.


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