first time user with out of memory question

timeless time at
Tue Jun 13 06:32:36 UTC 2006

dormando at wrote:

>Alright, I just noticed something odd about your rusage numbers, sorry :)
>The protocol doc confirms that the stat is 'seconds.useconds'
Aha! You win. I was using a PHP stats collector for interfacing 
Memcached to Cacti.

>Are you parsing the memcached stats with something that's goofing a bit? telnet to it and compare the numbers.
Indeed. Telnet says:

STAT rusage_user 5251.583637
STAT rusage_system 23525.710548

PHP script says:

    foreach ($result as $serverStats) {
        foreach ($serverStats as $statKey => $statVal) {
            if ($statKey == "rusage_user" || $statKey == "rusage_system") {
                $statVal = round($statVal * 1000);
            echo "$statKey:$statVal ";

Thanks for the help with this. It'll make the Cacti graphs a bit more 
clear. To avoid doing much work here, I'll probably modify the PHP stats 
collector to do $statVal *= 1000000. It's losing 3 digits of precision 
with that round().


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