[Announce] memcached-1.1.13-prerelease. Help test!

Jeremy Kronuz kronuz at hotmail.com
Mon May 1 16:37:24 UTC 2006

Hey, maybe if anyone also has the chance to test the code containing Win32 support it would be great, as it would tell us for sure if the Win32 support changes don't break the compilation in other platforms. I recently merged the Win32 support in a memcached 1.1.13 branch; you can get it from the svn:
Perhaps I should have started a new thread, but since this is the same version (only with win32 support)...Thanks,

> Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 21:50:42 +0000> From: brad at danga.com> To: memcached at lists.danga.com> Subject: [Announce] memcached-1.1.13-prerelease. Help test!> > Please help test (building) the next release of memcached.  This is mostly> a warm-up back-from-the-grave release, which will hopefully be followed by> actual feature releases.  There's not much new in this release, as you can> see from the ChangeLog.  Notably it builds/runs on Nexenta now (so likely> Solaris 10 as well?), which involved autofoo changes.  There's also the> bucket/gen changes that have been long-discussed.  Unfortunately, the> tracker daemon isn't done yet, nor have clients been updated.  More on> that later.> > Please reply and let me know where it does/doesn't build:> >     http://www.danga.com/memcached/dist/memcached-1.1.13-pre.tar.gz> > FYI, I used aclocal-1.7, automake-1.7, autoconf-2.59> > So far:> >     Debian sarge i386   - OKAY>     Debian sarge ia64   - OKAY>     Nextena alpha4 i386 - OKAY> > More data points the better.> > Thanks!> Brad> 
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