curr_items never decreases

Larry Leszczynski larryl at
Thu May 18 18:16:23 UTC 2006

Hi Stephen -

> john allspaw wrote:
> > and what would be useful in these stats, related to this thread, is 
> > the age of the oldest object in the cache, which I've asked about 
> > before.  anyone come up with a way to add this to the stats ?

Then Stephen Woodbridge wrote:

> Right, this is important to understand if the cache is large enough. If my 
> business rules say the cache items should be available for 7 days, I need to 
> know if I am pushing items out of the cache before that time.

But isn't this effectively (although maybe indirectly) just measured by 
cache hit rate?  If you increase the cache size and the hit rate 
increases, then stuff must have been getting pushed out before it expired. 
But if you increase cache size and the hit rate stays about the same, then 
likely things are expiring before they get pushed out.


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