Write LRU to database

Oscar Kené kene at swip.net
Wed Nov 8 08:01:52 UTC 2006

I'm fairly new to memcached.

As I understand it memcached simply drops the LRU entry when the cache 
is full (if you don't specify it to send an error instead).

Is there any functionality to make it write these to a mySQL-database 

Right now my data is INSERTed, SELECTed only once and then DELETEd. But 
every "set" of data is not handled sequentially. So one "set" of data 
can be INSERTEd but not SELECTed or DELETEd before the entry is subject 
to the "LRU-rule". I.e. I want to keep the most recent "INSERTs" in 
memcache as they are the most likely to be operated on first.

I realize that I may have to patch memcached myself but I want to make 
sure before I do it.

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