Write LRU to database

Randy Wigginton krw at nobugz.com
Wed Nov 8 14:53:15 UTC 2006

We've made modifications to allow some very nice application  
monitoring.  It is nearly an ideal framework for such a usage, but we  
did have to add some new functionality.  Sure wish the default  
implementation allowed easy "hooks"...

On Nov 8, 2006, at 9:30 AM, Chris Hondl wrote:

> 2.  Application level monitoring.  We store large amounts of  
> performance information into memcached (counts of slow pages and  
> slow queries, counts of queries per database table, execution  
> traces for slow pages, database connection info for debugging too  
> many connection errors in MySQL, etc.).  Most these are stored  
> either on slow pages (when a page takes 1+ seconds, doing an extra  
> couple memcached hits isn't a big deal) or are randomly sampled so  
> that the expected number of memcached hits per event is small.  If  
> counters get reset or we lose a few execution traces no big deal -  
> worst impact is that our rrd graphs have blip for five minutes.

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