I need save full cache on disk & restore later

Andrew Velikoredchanin andy at atomail.com
Thu Nov 9 08:12:22 UTC 2006

sishen пишет:
> Andrew Velikoredchanin wrote:
>> Andrew Velikoredchanin пишет:
>>> Hi!
>>> I need save all data from memcached to disk and restore later. I use
>>> Perl Cache::Memcached. How I can do it?
>> May by I can get all keys from cache?
>> How?
>    Yes. you can use "stats slabs and then stats cachedump".  See the api 
> of the client you use.
>    Also something in the protocol document.
>    stats <args>\r\n
>    Depending on <args>, various internal data is sent by the server. The
>    kinds of arguments and the data sent are not documented in this vesion
>    of the protocol, and are subject to change for the convenience of
>    memcache developers.

Stats slabs and stats cachedump returned only some zero variables. :( 
And no return any keys from cache. :(

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