"Set" and then "get" don't retrieve the stored value

Brian Moon brianm at dealnews.com
Mon Nov 13 23:55:19 UTC 2006

Kristian Hellquist wrote:
> Hi all!
> Im happy user of memcached but I have run into some strange problems.
> In some cases memcached doesnt retrieve the value that I just set.
> When using "ngrep" the value seems to be stored in memcached, memcached
> returns "STORED". But, If I try to do a "get" I get a blank value
> back, and if try to "delete" the value I get "NOT_FOUND". Do I have to
> wait a specific time before the value can be retrieved?

Basically, yes.  There is a small window where this can happen.  There
have been numerous discussions about it on the list.  Most people note
it with a set and then delete.


Brian Moon
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