multithreaded version of memcached on solaris?

Steven Grimm sgrimm at
Mon Nov 27 07:28:09 UTC 2006

For the moment the multithreading support is only available in the 
memcached Subversion repository, where it lives in its own branch. If you do

svn co

you'll get it. I have compiled it using the latest Sun Studio Express 
preview release compiler on Linux, but I haven't tried it on Solaris 
yet. No reason it shouldn't work, though; it uses the standard POSIX 
thread APIs which are well-supported under Solaris. Note that you have 
to run the configure script with an "--enable-threads" argument to turn 
on thread support. (And when you check it out from Subversion, you'll 
need to run to create the configure script.)

This is still brand-new code; it was just checked into Subversion in the 
last week. At Facebook we are running it on many of our production 
servers under heavy load and it appears stable, but it is possible that 
there are bugs that aren't exposed by our application's usage patterns. 
So it's probably a good idea to run it in a test environment before 
deploying it to any production servers. If you run into any problems 
with it, please email the memcached list with the details so they can be 

Actually, please let us know if you run it and *don't* run into any 
problems -- success reports are important too.


avinash namjoshi wrote:
> Hi,
> I went through the mail archives, but some how could
> not get this information.
> Can somebody give me this information or any pointers?
> 1. Is there a "multithreaded" version of memcached
> available on solaris?
> I got this software from, but it appears to
> be single threaded.
> Any information on last "tested multithreaded version"
> of memcached on any platform or any pointer on efforts
> in this direction would greatly help
> regards,
> Avinash
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