1.2.0 crashing?

Paul Querna chip at corelands.com
Thu Nov 30 02:53:40 UTC 2006

Jed Reynolds wrote:
> Paul Querna wrote:
>> I know this isn't a super helpful email, but we are seeing 1.2.0
>> instances of memcached crashing, where 1.1.x had been online for
>> hundreds of days.
>> Unfortunately, core files weren't turned on, so I don't have any real
>> helpful details or even a patch.
>> Has anyone else had problems with 1.2?
> I'm running it on three servers, and I've seen it crash on all of them
> at least once, and one of them I've had to restart memcached about once
> a week.

That seems pretty bad, in comparison, for 1.1.12, we have had 100+ nodes
running non-stop for almost an entire year.


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