memcached server hardware requirement?

Steven Grimm sgrimm at
Thu Nov 30 20:14:50 UTC 2006

That depends. How many requests per second are you planning to throw at 
memcached? How much data do you need to cache? How long on average do 
you need it to stay in the cache? Is a given piece of data accessed 
frequently over a brief period of time then not needed any more, or is 
an old item as likely to be accessed as a new one? Are you trying to 
reduce your database load by a modest amount, or to basically eliminate 
everything but writes? The answers to those questions will have a big 
effect on what your memcached installation needs to look like.

 From a brief look at your site it seems like you're running a web mail 
service (my Chinese isn't good enough to tell much more than that) but I 
can't tell how much traffic it gets or what its data access patterns are.


linuxman wrote:
> Hello Memcached guru,
> We want to use memcached in our web site, and would you like to
> recommend the server hardware requirement? I have read the mailing list
> archive, but not found the answer.
> I suppose such server configuration: 
> motherboard:tyan S5350G2NR
> cpu:xeon 5030(single kernel)
> mem:8G
> OS:linux(debian)
> Is this configuration good enough? 
> Thanks in advance!
> Baochen

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