use more then one cache system?

Mauro Nicolas Infantino mauroi at
Tue Oct 10 18:10:36 UTC 2006

A little off-topic, but has anyone had any experiences with XCache?
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It's made by the same programmers working in LightTPD
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> Agreed - I ditched eAccelerator (ex-Turck) a long time ago. APC has
> been good to me since, especially since it's maintained by Rasmus+co.
> Think of it this way:
> APC - great for opcode and local-machine caching
> Memcache - distributed/networked memory caching
> If your apps need a central cache, you must use something like
> Memcache (or shared filesystem stuff - but who wants that?) - there is
> definately a valid use (and would be using it myself, actually, if I
> had any apps that use Memcache currently) to team up APC and memcache.

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