How to maintain cache update on different memcached servers?

Ivan Krstić krstic at
Tue Oct 31 14:53:26 UTC 2006

howard chen wrote:
> if we have more than one memcached servers, how to make them synchronized?

Please read the documentation on the main memcached site carefully. If
its purpose is still unclear, read its API documentation of your
language of choice, and failing that, the protocol documentation.

As long as you /think/ about synchronization or replication in the
context of memcached, you're not understanding what memcached does. It's
an unintelligent, unsynchronized, unreplicated, simply-bucketed
distributed blob cache.

If you're asking "but how do I get my data if the memcache server is
down," you're not understanding what memcached does. Applications that
correctly utilize it never /rely/ on its presence; they simply benefit
from it, mostly transparently, if it's there, and carry on the way they
normally would if it's not.

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