svn rearrange

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Sun Sep 3 03:26:03 UTC 2006

Changes in subversion to be aware of:

-- the old trunk (1.1.x ... 1.1.13-pre2) is now in the memcached-1.1.x

   a release of 1.1.13 still needs to happen, for those wanting stability
   but not all the new stuff (less CPU, UDP, etc) that the facebook folks

-- the old facebook branch is now merged into trunk (1.2.0-rc1), and the
   old facebook branch is now renamed, so people don't accidentally use
   it or commit to it, if they already have it checked out.

In review  :) ,

   Newest stuff, never been a release or anybody using it as-is, but
   should be sexy soon:

   The old stable branch:

Plan is to setup a script to autobuild tarballs from svn soon (both
branches) w/ the svn revnumber in the filename and -h help/etc.

Then setup some Xens/qemus to auto fetch/build/report errors for Linux,
FreeBSD, Solaris.  And maybe run the script on an OS X desktop too.

Then expand test suite over time, ideally with every new feature & bugfix.
Unfortunately I wasn't a test zealot when I started memcached, so there's
some catching up to do before we have decent test coverage.

Out to wife's bday dinner now.... more later / this weekend.

- Brad

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