Add function slabs_reclaim() to reclaim free slabs positively

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Wed Sep 6 02:36:27 UTC 2006


Major patches for 1.1.x aren't being accepted, as that's the stable
branch.  Also, I've never had any problems with what you describe --- I'd
need more details on how it fails for you before I'd consider any fix.

- Brad

On Wed, 6 Sep 2006, Henry Lu wrote:

> Hi guys:
> Slab class reassignment is a big problem for memcached of the latest
> version(1.1.12).
> After working around memcached for weeks, I made a function called
> 'slabs_reclaim()' to reclaim free slabs positively.
> A free slab meants all items in it are expired.
> Then I add 'slabs_reclaim()' to function 'delete_handler()' before return,
> so it can be called every 5 seconds.
> Pls check the attachment for 'slabs.c' which I modified.
> Thanks,
> Henry

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