[ANNOUNCE] Two new memcached releases

Jeremy Kronuz kronuz at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 10 15:30:13 UTC 2006

> >From the stable 1.1.x branch:
>     http://danga.com/memcached/dist/memcached-1.1.13.tar.gz
> >From the new 1.2.x untested-but-has-a-bright-future branch:
>     http://danga.com/memcached/dist/memcached-1.2.0.tar.gz
>What's new in 1.1.13:
>     -- test suite (make test)
>     -- better libevent detection
>     -- 64 bit support (passes test suite at least now)
>     -- off-by-one errors in expirations fixed
>     -- bug fixes
>     -- start of "vbuckets" project.  instead of clients hashing
>        a key onto a memcached instance, they map onto one of
>        16k or so virtual bucket numbers, each bucket of which
>        is owned by an instance and w/ a particular generation number.
>        no client or tracker exists yet, but low-level stuff is there.
>What's new in 1.2.0:
>     -- all of the above, plus the Facebook work:
>     -- reduced CPU usage (writev, precomputing strings)
>     -- increased memory efficiency (configurable slab sizes, not just
>        powers of 2.  default is 1.25, so less internal fragmentation)
>     -- UDP protocol support
>     -- tells all your friends whenever you update a key in memcache
>        (j/k, i couldn't resist  :))
>     also,
>     -- unix domain socket support.  mostly for testing on same node on
>        shared servers, not having to deal with security/firewalls/etc.
>Let me know if you find problems with either release.
>And props again to Facebook for going through the effort to get their
>changes upstream and open sourced when it probably would've been easier
>for them to fork.  Thanks!

Great, Brad!
The infamous UDP support will be a nice addition :)

Also, I was wondering... what about the Win32 support? I honestly thing it 
would be nice to have the Win32 support merged with the main branch, as it 
gets difficult to maintain otherwise, I've been using it for quite some time 
with very good results (at least in a testing environment it's very 
useful)... and the changes in the code to add support for it are really not 
very intrusive... and they all are BSD licensed ;)


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