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Fri Sep 15 09:43:40 UTC 2006

Hi Johannes,

For your cache to be useful, you need to optimize the cache hit ratio.

You have to see what the read/write ratio per object will be. The time
indication you gave isn't very useful because the only thing that matters is
the actual number of hits that cached object get before they expire. If the
number of hits is high, then caching makes a lot of sense.



On 9/15/06, Johannes Fosseus <johannes.fosseus at> wrote:
> Hi again
> I was thinking in how and when to use the memcache.
> If I have an object that I regenerate every 15 seconds, is that object
> worth caching or do the process of caching take more power that I will
> benefit from the cache object?
> Of course impossible to awnser but is any 'best practice' approach to
> this?
> The basic question is – when to use the memcache and when not to.
> best regards / johannes
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