[PATCH] minor cleanups

Jehiah Czebotar jehiah at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 20:21:22 UTC 2007

On 4/13/07, Paul Lindner <lindner at inuus.com> wrote:
> > I also want to see the win32 stuff merged into trunk... I forgot where
> > that process was at.  :(
> I just checked out the patch at
>   http://jehiah.cz/projects/memcached-win32/files/memcached-win32-patches.zip
> Looks pretty straightforward and non-invasive.
> I can commit that to the repo if the author and community are okay
> with that...  (Cc:ing Jehiah on this message)

I just host the code for the win32 port; but kronuz who developed it
should be on the mailing list, and i forwarded the last message on to

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