[PATCH] minor cleanups

Steven Grimm sgrimm at facebook.com
Mon Apr 16 16:39:33 UTC 2007

The deed is done -- trunk is now the same as the multithreaded branch. I 
didn't update the version number or anything, just made trunk identical 
to multithreaded after pulling over a couple straggling changes. It 
passes its test suite. (By the way, Brad, I didn't get an svn 
notification for r509; not sure if that's on my end or yours.)

For those who haven't been following the multithreaded branch, a quick 
recap: if you just download and build normally, you will continue to get 
the single-threaded version of the code; for most installations, that's 
perfectly sufficient and there's no need to incur the added overhead of 
the thread support. If you commonly see memcached eat over 50% of a CPU, 
however, and you're using a multiprocessor machine, then you will 
probably want threads. Run "./configure --enable-threads" to get the MT 

Either way you compile it, this code adds one new client-visible 
feature: you can gather stats about classes of objects in the cache. By 
"class of objects" I mean "objects that share a common prefix with a 
delimiter," e.g. if the delimiter is ":" then objects with keys 
"foo:123" and "foo:456" are both in the "foo" class. The -D option 
enables this stats gathering (see the manpage) and the stats can be 
dumped with the new "stats detail dump" command. It does cost a little 
bit of CPU time, so it's not enabled by default.

Other than that it should be the same old memcached you know and love.


Paul Lindner wrote:
> The multithreaded branch is now up to date with all the latest changes
> on trunk.
> I can also do the merge back to trunk if you're interested.  I've done
> more svn merges than I care to say..
> On Sun, Apr 15, 2007 at 09:17:24PM +0000, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
>> Steven,
>> I looked over the diffs.  Not scary, thanks!  :)  Thanks especially for
>> doc/threads.txt.
>> Go ahead and merge the multithreaded branch into trunk, once you sync up
>> with the few things in trunk that multithreaded doesn't have.
>> Hopefully this will make your maintenance easier, having it in trunk.
>> - Brad

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