Stats for memory usage

Lewis, Bill blewis at
Wed Apr 18 13:44:14 UTC 2007

Unfortunately, not the case here.  I'm running 1.2.1 and all the values have a fixed size of 16392 bytes.

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Older versions of memcached return that error when you try to store an 
object that exceeds the maximum size allowed (1 megabyte). That'd be my 


Lewis, Bill wrote:
> Can anyone provide an explanation as to why I am receiving 
> "SERVER_ERROR out of memory" when my stats indicate that the current 
> 'bytes' count is far less than the 'limit_maxbytes' count?  My stats 
> show these numbers when the memory errors start:
> STAT curr_items 3544
> STAT bytes 58234589
> STAT limit_maxbytes 104857600
> thanx
> -bill

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