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Fri Apr 20 00:33:36 UTC 2007

On Apr 19, 2007, at 17:09 , andrew at wrote:

> thanks.  At what point would you say it does get unpractical?  5000
> requests per second?  50,000 per second?

	You just have to measure for your environment.  I was doing 30,000  
sets per second with my java client last night with the client and  
server both running on my laptop.

	Assuming you're not running stuff like firefox, and eclipse and  
google desktop and stuff on your servers, you may be able to squeeze  
a bit more out of them.

	I like to keep running metrics on all that sort of stuff in my app.   
memcached has a nice way to watch rates of things occurring, and I  
usually litter my applications with tools that track rates and timing  
of things.

Dustin Sallings

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