Error in Protocol Docs?

Alex Stapleton alexs at
Sat Apr 28 17:20:16 UTC 2007

- <flags> is an arbitrary 16-bit unsigned integer (written out in
   decimal) that the server stores along with the data and sends back
   when the item is retrieved. Clients may use this as a bit field to
   store data-specific information; this field is opaque to the server.

However looking at the source, and testing it out myself, this  
appears to be a lie. unsigned 32-bit ints appear to be used to store  
flags with no range checks which means it works just fine if you  
store 32-bit values in there. afaict the high 16-bits aren't used for  
anything internally either. Is this right? Is it safe to use values  
 >65535 in the flags field of a key? Being able to stick a 32-bit  
value in there certainly is rather handy with the rather unusual  
configuration we are using :)

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