How to delete lots of related keys at once

Travis Boucher tbone at
Fri Aug 3 09:03:05 UTC 2007

K J wrote:
>     Why is everyone using memcache for the SQL query as a key?  That
>     is what the query cache on your database is for.  You gain very
>     little doing it this way, except now you have to manage the
>     invalidation yourself, which the query-cache does for you. 
> I was wondering about this too, as I was seeing the query cache being 
> just as fast.  What should qualify for memcache then?  I imagine html 
> snippets which includes data already fetched.  However I'm already 
> using Smarty, so I can't just grab the html and stuff it back to 
> memcache, can I?
> What are some good places to use memcache?
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Although off-topic, it'd be easy to implement memcached as the cache 
back end for Smarty.  See  
However I'd question the gain unless you have tons of templates.

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