confirm Tues. Aug 21st Hackathon?

Matt Ingenthron Matt.Ingenthron at Sun.COM
Tue Aug 14 00:04:47 UTC 2007

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay, but the best date appears to be August 21.

Please come up with some proposals for what we spend our time on through 
the wiki:

                 Thu     Mon     Tues     Fri     Fri
                Aug 16  Aug 20   Aug 21  Aug 24  Aug 31
Chris Hondl               X        X       X       X
Dormando          X       X        X       X       X
Paul Querna       X       X        X       X       X
Dustin Sallings   X       X        X       X       X
Brad Fitzpatrick  X       X        X       X       X
Don MacAskill             X        X
Chris Goffinet    X       X        X       X       X
Steve Ho          X       X        X       X       X
Aaron Stone       X       X        X
Matt Ingenthron   X       X        X       X
Sanjay Manwani    X       X        X       X       X
Roy Lyseng        X                X               X
Maheedhar PV                       X       X       X
Josh Berkus	  X       X        X

Unless there are any concerns/objections, I'll get all of the logistics 
worked out to have a room and hardwired net connection for us (with food 
and drink, of course).  Again, if there's anything else Sun can provide, 
I can look into it.

Please ping me if you have any questions.  Otherwise, it'll be good to 
meet all of you then!

- Matt

Matt Ingenthron - Web Infrastructure Solutions Architect
Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Global Systems Practice
email: matt.ingenthron at             Phone: 310-242-6439

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