hackathon: start time feedback/registration

Matt Ingenthron Matt.Ingenthron at Sun.COM
Wed Aug 15 00:30:10 UTC 2007

Hi all,

We're all set for the hackathon on Tuesday August 21.  One question 
which has come up is start time.  We're flexible with respect to 
start/end time and I recognize for many this is an after-day-job activity. 

Any preferences on start time?

Just to start the conversation, I'll propose starting at 7 or 7:30 so 
everyone will have adequate time to make it over to Menlo Park.  
However, I'll have the room available and be able to escort people in 
any time after 6pm, so you're welcome to come over then.

A couple of notes on the room we'll be using.  The only network access 
available is public WiFi, but I'm doing some work to be sure it'll be 
reliable for us (I've had meetings with over a dozen people in the same 
area before without trouble).  Also, to get a room we could use as late 
as we wanted, I had to go with one further in to the campus.  This means 
I'll have to register visitors and escort them to the room.

Here is the list I have:
Chris Hondl
Paul Querna
Dustin Sallings
Brad Fitzpatrick
Don MacAskill
Chris Goffinet
Steve Ho
Aaron Stone
Bryan Guillemette

Plus a few Sun engineers (any more than that and we may start getting 
unwieldy).  If you have a company you're representing, please forward 
that along.  If you don't see your name there and will definitely be on 
site, then please send me a note.

- Matt

Matt Ingenthron - Web Infrastructure Solutions Architect
Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Global Systems Practice
email: matt.ingenthron at sun.com             Phone: 310-242-6439

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