Memcached processes

Paul Scott pscott at
Wed Aug 15 05:05:38 UTC 2007

I have recently integrated Memcache support into the Chisimba PHP5
Framework ( and a demo at
and was just wondering what the best configuration of started processes

At the moment, the FSIU box has 1GB of RAM, and I am starting 6 daemons
each with 100MB of memory (-m 100). I have tried to play around with the
settings to try and find a decent configuration, and see that there are
significant performance differences between them.

Is there a rule of thumb as to how to approach this? Is it better to
start a single server with 500MB or 5 servers with 100MB each? Is it
better to assign smaller chunks of memory or larger? At the moment, this
is in a dev/test environment, and in future we will need to
productionise it, so this will become an issue that needs to be properly
documented. In the prod environment, however, I will get a dedicated
memcached server to handle the caching, but the issue still remains...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I have tried to google this,
but come up with conflicting results from different areas...


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