Inconsistent Protocol Access?

Brendan W. McAdams bwmlists at
Tue Aug 21 22:40:06 UTC 2007

I'm attempting to debug some issues in a production system; the system is on
PHP 4.4 with the PECL Extension version 2.1.2.
We are setting keys for customers of the type:
statistic_<customer_id>_<sub_id> within our PHP application.

In some cases a customer doesn't have a sub_id, and we set the key as

I am able to reliably access these numbers from PHP (They are just integers:
they are incremented using the builtin incr method in memcache); however,
when I try either of the Python libraries (pure Python and C binding
implementations) in certain cases I can't get an object for statistic_ ; it
seems to mostly be in cases when there's no sub id but I do see it sometimes
when there is.

It's my understanding that the access should be the same across all
languages, and as we're seeing some issues where sometimes dumping the data
in memcache out to the database is not always returning the full numbers,
I'm wondering if there's a deeper issue.

Anyone got any thoughts or guidance for me?
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