Multiple eviction policies

Wojtek Meler wmeler at
Tue Aug 28 12:16:08 UTC 2007

I love to respond to my own emails :).

Is there any interrest in memcached community in having multiple cache 
regions with different eviction policies in one memcached process ?
I need such feature and I'd like to get some of your requirements 
because it would be nice to have such patch in mainstream.


Wojtek Meler pisze:
> Did you considered multiple eviction policies for memcached ?
> In common there are many types of data stored in cache and it would be 
> great if one could tune cache size and eviction policy for each type. I 
> know that it is possible to setup multiple memcached processes, but it 
> will be quite ineffective for thousands of caches.
> As far as I understand the code, current implementation has single hash 
> and linked list for LRU. It would be great if additional layer of hash 
> and linked list could be introduced that group data in caches, allowing 
> to set different eviction rules for each cache. I don't fully understand 
> "managed mode" but probably cache could be identified by part of data 
> key. Any comments ?
> Regards,
> Wojtek

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