Memcache update the difference

dormando dormando at
Thu Aug 30 09:12:35 UTC 2007

Khamis Siksek wrote:
> 10 rows is just an example, but replacing 1 MB for 100 bytes change 
> every time there is an update the overhead is more than 99%.
> How about using the same methodology that xdelta is using to do the 
> binary patching, also the client doesn't have to know anything about the 
> offset, he just need to call a function "Update" with the right key, the 
> server should handle the patching not the client.

If you're sending the whole dataset to the server, it's no more overhead 
to copy over the data. It'd be a lot more computationally intensive to 
do an xdelta on what to copy around in RAM. Also, 1MB is the upper limit 
for slabs, so they shouldn't get much bigger than that :)


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