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Thu Aug 30 09:32:32 UTC 2007

Convinced me ;-)


On 8/30/07, dormando <dormando at> wrote:
> Khamis Siksek wrote:
> > 10 rows is just an example, but replacing 1 MB for 100 bytes change
> > every time there is an update the overhead is more than 99%.
> >
> > How about using the same methodology that xdelta is using to do the
> > binary patching, also the client doesn't have to know anything about the
> > offset, he just need to call a function "Update" with the right key, the
> > server should handle the patching not the client.
> If you're sending the whole dataset to the server, it's no more overhead
> to copy over the data. It'd be a lot more computationally intensive to
> do an xdelta on what to copy around in RAM. Also, 1MB is the upper limit
> for slabs, so they shouldn't get much bigger than that :)
> -Dormando


Khamis Siksek
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