How do I judge the value does not exist or there are problems in the server?

Troy Davisson troy.davisson at
Fri Dec 7 04:46:09 UTC 2007

I'm not sure you'll get much information from any client library that
would tell you much.  Instead of having that kind of logging in place
within your main application (which could slow down and even reverse
what you're trying to accomplish with memcached), it may be better to
run a scheduled task in the background that attempts to grab
information from your memcached server on a regular basis.  Within
that monitoring program, you could check for request timeouts or
anything else you'd need that may take longer than what you want a
user to have to sit through.

I think most people apply memcached towards the following situation
when using a database:

- check cache for data
- if cache data exists, use cache data
- if cache data doesn't exist, use database data and save in cache

On Dec 6, 2007 11:30 PM, yayu xie <xieyayu at> wrote:
> oh, yes! the memcached is just a cacha, if it down we will get data from
> mysql.
> In fact, my intention is to know what is happen when I can't get data from
> memcached. When I can't get data for the server down, I will log it for
> tracing the cause of the problem. Of cource, monitor the memcached servers
> can do it.
> 2007/12/7, Brian Moon <brianm at>:
> > yayu xie wrote:
> > > I also work in PHP, and C/C++ needs some.
> > >
> > > I just have to consider the issue of when the server down, procedures on
> > > how to handle.
> >
> > The clients should have built in failover.  I know PHP does unless you
> > tell it not to.  It will just save to another server and get from
> > another server until the correct server comes back online.  Some people
> > don't like that as stale cache can happen if a server is flapping (going
> > up and down over and over).  I personally don't have that issue in my
> > use case.
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