[ANN] beanstalkd 0.5

Keith Rarick kr at essembly.com
Tue Dec 11 22:55:47 UTC 2007

On Dec 11, 2007 2:47 PM, Daryn Nakhuda <daryn at daryn.net> wrote:
> Two things I'd suggest looking at for inspiration in building your
> queue system are:
> 1. JMS.
> 2. Amazon's SQS service.

Yes, thanks! We've looked at those and incorporated some of their
ideas, where they make sense. Much of the design of beanstalk is based
on features used internally at gmail.

> I understand the idea of keeping it simple, but there are quite a few
> little details that can really make a difference.

I completely agree. That's why beanstalkd has been carefully designed
to provide the reliability and speed necessary without all the cruft
of "enterprise" systems.


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