Libevent 1.3 patches for Windows and Libevent 1.4

Eran Sandler eran at
Mon Dec 17 06:45:32 UTC 2007


Nick, the maintainer of libevent Emailed me and the libevent mailing
list that he checked in some changes for libevent 1.3 branch that should
make it work better in Windows.

He does suggest to move to libevent 1.4 (which the current version is
probably the last one before the official release, as he stated) for a
number of reasons (at least in regards to the win32 version).

Any chance we can start testing memcached (even not for win32) with
libevent 1.4?
If we can make it, somehow, to 1.2.5 with libevent 1.4 support,
integrating official win32 into the main memcached branch should be a
lot easier.

What do you say?


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