libmemcache vs libmemcached

André Cruz andre.cruz at
Thu Dec 20 10:36:25 UTC 2007

I've tried libmemcache a few months ago and found it pretty unstable...

Then I tried apr_memcache which has a memory leak which the developers  
don't seem to be interested in.

I've been using libmemcached for some time and although I've found  
some bugs, which were quickly fixed, I find it is pretty stable now.

Maybe this information should appear in the memcached API page so  
people choose the "best" C api first. I know I would have liked to  
have that information when I started.


On 2007/12/20, at 06:10, Qiangning Hong wrote:

> has anyone compared the two C client library: libmemcache
> <> and libmemcached
> <>?  What are the pros and
> cons for each of them?
> -- 
> Qiangning Hong

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