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Brian Moon brianm at
Mon Dec 24 18:01:18 UTC 2007

Biswajit wrote:
> Hello we are  working on memcached for our web application.we install 
> all the necessary thing in Linux server and configure it . also we 
> integrated in our web application and it also working successfully .But 
> thing is that  when i run the the query from  memcached  the data is 
> display little bit faster compare to Database but not so much as we 
> expected. we used 64MB RAM  for my serve for memcachede. If i increased 
> the RAM 64 Mb to more .then the data will be display much more faster? 
> Please gave me the suggestion (or any others way i can get out put much 
> more faster)  its urggent i am wating for your replay.

If your database is not slow, then why did you want to install 
memcached?  Perhaps your reasoning for using memcached will help us help 


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