Memcached newbie questions

Robert Brewer fumanchu at
Mon Dec 31 04:30:53 UTC 2007

Herc wrote:
> - The most intriguing issue I've been buffled about is the following:
> How to store SQL results. For example, say I store SELECTs as md5 into
> memcache. Then say at some point in the code, an UPDATE is executed.
> How can I determine which memcache keys (that is, which SELECTs)
> should be invalidated?? Is there a framework or some way that do this
> gracefully? Or should I use memcache only for queries that do not need
> be updated immediately, but can update after they expire?

I haven't found a (scalable, partition-tolerant) framework for that yet, but I happened to have just posted a blog entry with the 6 solutions I could come up with. Feel free to steal any idea therein:

Robert Brewer
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