Memcached PHP Sessions

howard chen howachen at
Mon Feb 5 17:38:13 UTC 2007

back to the basics, i am not arguing memcached can't do the job, but
there are other methods which are equally good (or better), and are
easy to use & scale well

if your reason is to maintain sessions across web servers then you
should use load balancer. no coding is needed, local file system is
very fast and storage is cheap.

if you use 2GB RAM for session caching, I would consider use these
memory cache more useful information, such as user data, product data

> My $0.02 - we are running a website with 40 000 active php sessions on 1 mil
> userbase and there are NO issues regarding sessions. We have dedicated a 2Gb
> for this, after 52 days uptime there are ~4mil objects (each user has avg 4
> old sessions) and takes like 1.4Gb - so plenty of space to grow up before
> even throwing out the old items.
> Try, it WORKS really well.
> rr

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