Memcached PHP Sessions

howard chen howachen at
Tue Feb 6 13:45:32 UTC 2007

> I was speaking for LARGE sites. I don't think your HA proxy will handle
> 30k HTTP requests/s (or 100k TCP sessions) with Layer 7 processing
> (parsing cookies and so on).
> If you have to spend 100k$ on a pair of hi-end load-balancers just to
> handle session affinity (without 100% reliability), or spend 2GB of RAM
> to store session in memcached (without 100% reliability), what is the
> most cost effective solution ?

>From the HA proxy web site, Quad Opteron (2.2Ghz) using HA proxy is
able to take up 30k requests/s. The advantage is HA proxy scale up
very well, and the point is: for a big site, you need a load balancer
anyway, isn't?

Another concern is 30k requests/s is a really `big number`, how many
requests per day do you actually need?

Do you think your system architecture could be re-designed to reduce
the number of requests per second? For example, in common AJAX apps,
consider using of local caching?

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