Memcached PHP Sessions

Reinis Rozitis roze at
Tue Feb 6 14:37:45 UTC 2007

> Do you think your system architecture could be re-designed to reduce
> the number of requests per second? For example, in common AJAX apps,
> consider using of local caching?
Well content caching and session store is quite a different things, but
thats something way too offtopic in memcached list (though you can use
also mc for this ;) )..

Imagine such case - lets say you have some TOP 10 list.. Why would you
want to generate and store it on all the webfrontends locally if you can
set one key on memcached server and have updated output on all servers
exactly the same time!?:)
You don't even need to implement the caching/fallback mechanism in the
site code itself. (eg when there is cache miss or the cache is expired,
request the data from db (which by 30k/req in worst case can really hurt
the db-server))  Just make some script which regularly (or in case of
some events) updates data to memcache the lazy way.


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