Memcached PHP Sessions

howard chen howachen at
Tue Feb 6 14:56:29 UTC 2007

> Imagine such case - lets say you have some TOP 10 list.. Why would you
> want to generate and store it on all the webfrontends locally if you can
> set one key on memcached server and have updated output on all servers
> exactly the same time!?:)
> You don't even need to implement the caching/fallback mechanism in the
> site code itself. (eg when there is cache miss or the cache is expired,
> request the data from db (which by 30k/req in worst case can really hurt
> the db-server))  Just make some script which regularly (or in case of
> some events) updates data to memcache the lazy way.

content caching & session caching are different things...I agree that
TOP 10 list or similar cases could use memcached as these kind of data
will only take little memory usage.

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