java memcached client & tomcat

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Thu Feb 8 12:56:38 UTC 2007


I would say it's java in general.

I was doing some benchmarking tests with java and C client.
The CPU load was especially high when doing put() in a loop.
Even with POJO.
When under stress, java client used significantly more cpu resources
than C client. However, if there was not a lot of traffic, things were
pretty comparable.


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It is pretty much possible, that the built-in Java
serialization/deserialization burns many CPU cycles. We also bumped
into this problem. We implemented custom serialization/deserialization
methods for our heavily-used objects. It saved a lot of memory on the
memcached nodes and a lot of CPU time on the application server nodes.
Use a profiler to check the cause of the increased CPU usage.

Balázs Lécz 

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