java memcached client & tomcat

Balázs Lécz leczbalazs at
Thu Feb 8 12:33:43 UTC 2007


It is pretty much possible, that the built-in Java
serialization/deserialization burns many CPU cycles. We also bumped
into this problem. We implemented custom serialization/deserialization
methods for our heavily-used objects. It saved a lot of memory on the
memcached nodes and a lot of CPU time on the application server nodes.
Use a profiler to check the cause of the increased CPU usage.

Balázs Lécz

On 2/7/07, David O'Dell <dodell at> wrote:
> We just deployed memcached to our tomcats last night.
> We have 6 webs running apache/tomcat with 5 memcached instances in the
> pool.
> Each instance has 1gb of space and already we have 20,000 items cached
> taking up 2.5 gb of space.
> One surprise was the increase in load on the webs due to the network IO.
> I expected the load to increase but its more than doubled.
> Does anyone know if this it normal?
> On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 11:17 +0530, John Navil Joseph wrote:
> > Newbie to memcached here!
> >
> > Has anyone been using the java memcached client (available with Apache Tomcat? Just interested in knowing how tried and tested/widely deployed the combination is.
> >
> > Also some pointers on using the SockIOPool connection pool mechanism with Tomcat will be helpful.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > John

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