Use of memory card for caching?

Just Marc marc at
Sat Feb 10 15:51:02 UTC 2007

Just make sure your cache usage is not too write/update intensive as you 
may find your storage space quickly shrinking, that would be the best 
option, on a crappier flash memory device you'll just start getting errors.


> howard chen wrote:
>> One of the new features of Windows Vista is able to store useful data
>> in memory card for speed up.
>> As memory card is becoming very cheap, e.g. less than $50 US can buy a
>> fast Toshiba 4GB SD card in my district.
>> Anyone ever think of the possibility of using memcached on memory card?
> Linux can mount a filesystem on a flash device. In that case, just use 
> the filesystem as a fast cache. Tugela cache can use the filesystem as 
> a cache and therefore could use the flash device as it's cache. there 
> would be no need to tweak memcache for that.
> The filesystem would still do read/write caching in RAM. You might 
> also mount the flash device as a high-priority swap device and use 
> tmpfs with Tugela cache.
> Sincerely,
> Jason Edgecombe

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