See expired keys?

Reinis Rozitis roze at
Mon Feb 19 09:51:09 UTC 2007

The key/object lifetime is exactly that as you specify ( ( string $key, mixed $var 
[, int $flag [, int $expire]] )) in the $expire param (seconds).

If you do just plain set('key','value') the key lives forever till some 
newer object pushes it out because of not enough space - that is if you 
suply memcached with enough ram (and your cache isnt that big or doesnt 
update very often) there shouldn't be any expired keys at all ;)


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Subject: See expired keys?

Hi everyone,

I'm using memcached across several servers with the PECL PHP Memcache 
library. Our application uses memcached for many different types of 
information, and I was wondering a few things: what keys are expiring, what 
is the average lifetime of a key, and ideally, what keys are expiring when. 
Is there any way to get this information without resorting to the -vv 
startup option? Thanks very much.


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