See expired keys?

mark rkmr.em at
Mon Feb 19 18:33:35 UTC 2007

On 2/19/07, Reinis Rozitis <roze at> wrote:
> If you do just plain set('key','value') the key lives forever till some
> newer object pushes it out because of not enough space - that is if you
> suply memcached with enough ram (and your cache isnt that big or doesnt
> update very often) there shouldn't be any expired keys at all ;)

These are the stats from my memcache. I have given it 850MB. It is not
fully used. But I still see expired keys. I set all my keys with no
expiry time. Still you can see that there are  more than 3000 expired
items. I  dont want my keys to expire. What should I do?

STAT pid 30394
STAT uptime 1075973
STAT time 1171909887
STAT version 1.2.1
STAT pointer_size 32
STAT rusage_user 6.750000
STAT rusage_system 13.170000
STAT curr_items 6672
STAT total_items 9416
STAT bytes 3593085
STAT curr_connections 4
STAT total_connections 556
STAT connection_structures 37
STAT cmd_get 552647
STAT cmd_set 9416
STAT get_hits 491559
STAT get_misses 61088
STAT bytes_read 29299499
STAT bytes_written 1858596693
STAT limit_maxbytes 838860800

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