BRAINSTORMING NEEDED: Memcached Slowing Machine

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Mon Feb 26 23:58:01 UTC 2007

Thanks for the response.  I appreciate it. Not sure how much memory is
being used.  According to our system admin (cc'd), the total memory
usage of the machine has not close to being maxed.   








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When the machine slows down, how much free physical memory does the
machine have? Is the entire memcached process memory-resident, or has
the OS started to swap it out? The instant memcached starts having to
swap, its performance plummets. The behavior you describe is consistent
with a memcached instance growing larger than the available physical
memory over time. When you restart it, it would start small again and
not need to swap.


Paul Boyes wrote: 



I have posted a couple of related topics, but have not received many
responses.  So, I thought I'd try again with a more general cry for


We have a FreeBSD server running a variety of php (web based) scripts
that access/use memcached (latest version).   We have found  that the
machine, after a period of time begins to slow down.   And, when we
restart memcached it picks back up.  Any ideas you have as to why this
might be happening would be greatly appreciated.  I will gladly provide
more information if needed.  I am not sure what to provide though.  In
genaral, I am would just like to know what might be causing thing or
what might be happening.






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